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Studiotech Belgium's main business is the distribution, sales, installation and after-sales servicing of professional audiovisual equipment.
The company also designs and installs turnkey projects such as recording and mixing studios, editing suites, mobile OB units and, on request, provides fully tested, serviced and guaranteed used equipment.

StudiotechStudiotech Belgium's good name is based on first class service and customer satisfaction.
The staff are held in high regard for their product knowledge, quality standards, attention to detail and customer care.

Phone: +32 2 266 13 80
Fax: +32 2 266 13 88
E-mail: info@studiotech.be


In a relatively short time, Studiotech in Belgium, Hungary and Poland have become recognised as leading players in the field of audiovisual engineering across Europe.

Studiotech began in Brussels (serving Belgium and Luxembourg) in 1990, then Budapest, Hungary (1992), Warsaw, Poland (1995) Algiers, Algeria (2000) and Rabat, Morocco (2011).

The most recent additions to the Group are Sydney (Australia) and Paris (France).

The founders and key members of staff have extensive professional experience which they continue to develop in step with leading-edge technology.

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Studiotech continues to survey the market for further expansion opportunities. Due to the substantial development of export business in North Africa and in view of the desire to nurture trade in this area, Studiotech Audiovisual Engineering Maghreb S.p.A. was established in Algiers.


The Studiotech Group Board of Directors takes great pleasure in announcing the official opening of Studiotech Maroc on 19 August 2011, a new Studiotech office in Rabat, Morocco.

This is the next logical step in line with increasing Studiotech success, involvement and activities in the region plus expanding professional, audiovisual, business opportunities in Morocco.

The local Director General is Bouchaib AMEZZARGOU and the company will be overseen by Rudolf MECS based in Brussels (please see "Studiotech Group" for contact details).

Another bright, exciting achievement holding much promise for the Studiotech Group.